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The Angel Brings Fire

The Angel Brings Fire (series #1 in the tale of the "Storied Watcher"), tells the unique and exciting story of an alien goddess' first encounter with human beings... and of the critical role that she must play, in the very survival of human-kind, itself!

 The Angel Brings Fire Book # 1 : Angel of Mailankh
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The Angel Brings Fire 

Book 1 :

Angel of Mailànkh

Earth's second manned expedition to Mars lands safely enough, and is looking forward to a historic expedition of science and exploration.

But the enthusiasm of Commander Sam Jacobson's 5-person crew is about to be severely tested : news arrives that Earth is under threat of annihilation, due to an impending collision with a comet named "Lucifer".

None the less, the crew of the Eagle II Mars lander have a mission to complete; so, with heavy hearts, they set out to explore the surface of the Red Planet.

Little do they know that the fate of their entire home-world, will shortly rest on the slender shoulders of an enigmatic being... who lies asleep... and... awaiting!

The              Angel Brings Fire Book #2 : Doubt Me Not
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The Angel Brings Fire 

Book 2 :

Doubt Me Not

The Destroying Angel, Karéin-Mayréij, has crashed to Earth after a near-fatal encounter with a Doomsday comet. She has saved the planet from total destruction... but only at a fearful cost, for the fall has left her dazed, crippled and, most of all... alone.

Doubt Me Not describes the adventures of a now-humbled "Storied Watcher", as she learns how to survive in the paranoid, oppressive United States of the near future.

But Karéin-Mayréij isn't the only one whose life has been forever changed by her appearance upon the face of the Earth... history will never be the same!

The Angel Brings Fire Book #3 : Angel And The Empire
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The Angel Brings Fire 

Book 3 :

Angel and The Empire

Having saved the Sun's third planet from a Doomsday comet, Karéin-Mayréij, the alien 'Storied Watcher', finds herself in the declining, undemocratic United States of 2040.

All's not going well : her new, adopted family has just been kidnapped by parties unknown, and the U.S. Air Force, among others, is trying to kill her.

But Karéin-Mayréij isn't known as the 'Destroying Angel' for nothing, and the U.S. government is about to find out why. Her lethal supernatural abilities are returning, and her friends and family are starting to inherit super-human powers of their own.

And the President of the future United States is about to learn the truth of the saying :

"Never get on the bad side, of a fallen-angel."

The Angel Brings Fire Book #4 : Children Of The Fire
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The Angel Brings Fire 

Book 4 :

Children of The Fire

The fourth and final book of The Angel Brings Fire series!

As her two adopted "families" of friends and acquaintances fight an unequal, last-ditch battle for survival, deep underground in a distant, secret prison-facility, Karéin-Mayréij travels across America, recruiting a new group of super-human followers along the way.

She's desperate to rescue both the Billings and Jacobson parties, but distractions (like street gangsters, rogue nuclear weapons, double-crossing Presidents and the U.S. Air Force) have a bad habit of getting in the way.

Time's running out on all fronts... especially for the United States of 2040, which risks annihilation at the hands of an angry, guilt-ridden alien mother, who's searching for her adopted son!

The Future Burns Bright

The Future Burns Bright (the second series of the narrative), picks up where The Angel Brings Fire, left off : the undemocratic, authoritarian United States of 2040 has the tables turned on it, as the followers of an alien goddess, set out to teach the government a thing or two about "antagonizing people with superhuman powers"!

Don't miss this exciting conclusion to the story of Karéin-Mayréij (the "Storied Watcher"), upon Planet Earth!

The Future Burns Bright Book #1 : Storm In The North 
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The Future Burns Bright 

Book 1 :

Storm In The North

The desolate, windswept Alaskan island of Amchitka is the scene of a desperate and fateful conflict, as the Storied Watcher – Karéin-Mayréij – and her super-human followers, use their formidable supernatural powers to resist and defeat the murderous attacks of the U.S. government.

After the battle, the alien-girl and her coterie of fugitive “more-than-humans” gather in the woods of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Unbeknownst to the President, they are there to decide the long-term fate of the United States – not to mention, of the world itself.

The subtle, semi-divine hand of Karéin-Mayréij is now well at work as two super-human teams, led by Minnie Chu and Sam Jacobson respectively, embark on competing quests… to save the United States of 2040, from itself.

Who will prevail?

The Future Burns Bright Book #2 : The Race
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The Future Burns Bright

Book 2 :

The Race

The super-powered FBI Team-Leader Minnie Chu (chief detective of the search for the Storied Watcher on Earth) and the equally-powerful Commander Sam Jacobson (hero of the Mars mission that freed Karéin-Mayréij), each lead independent teams on competing missions, for and against the government of the United States.

As they travel across the country without the help of their alien mentor, the Chu and Jacobson teams each encounter their own challenges, including being hunted by the U.S. military and the CIA; but other dangers – like stolen nuclear weapons, ready to detonate at any time – threaten the country.

Meanwhile, a power-struggle paralyzes the Presidency, as America’s former leader (having earlier been overthrown in a coup d'état engineered by the corrupt Vice-President and the sinister Agency director),  tries to regain his office and stabilize the government.

Must Jacobson, Chu, the imposter-President and the real President, confront each other… and what will be left of the United States, if they do?

The Future Burns Bright Book #3 : Against Time
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The Future Burns Bright

Book 3 :

Against Time

Continuing the narrative from the last book in the series, Against Time opens with the legitimate President of the United States trying to wrest control of the government from his corrupt, cruel former Vice-President, who – along with the Director of the CIA – is obsessed with murdering the Storied Watcher (Karéin-Mayréij) and her “New People”.

The sinister plans of these two conspirators appear to be succeeding, as they place the Sam Jacobson (“Mars Gang”) and Minnie Chu teams – along with their families and friends – in mortal jeopardy.

And they aren’t the only ones thus endangered. The aircraft in which Chu travels, contains a nuclear weapon smuggled aboard by the fanatical “Brother” Harold Crowford, of the “Klan of Jesus Christ”; and yet another nuke has been launched by the Agency director – its bulls-eye set squarely on Karéin-Mayréij, who has finally returned to the United States to confront the President in the Oval Office.

The lives of millions of innocent people in the Washington, D.C. region hang in the balance, as the Storied Watcher and her super-powered followers fight desperately for survival!

The              Future Burns Bright Book #4 : The Future Alight
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The Future Burns Bright

Book 4 :

The Future Alight

The fourth and final book of

The Future Burns Bright


Karéin-Mayréij (the “Storied Watcher”) and her “New People” have survived a perilous quest to save the eastern United States from nuclear annihilation, but their trials and tribulations are far from over. Not only is a third nuclear weapon, smuggled into the United States by terrorists some time ago, about to destroy Los Angeles; but many of the Storied Watcher’s own, super-human followers have gathered at the White House… with some intent on killing the President, and others pledged to defend him to the death.

The U.S. leader will need all his political and management guile, now – not only to soothe the anger of Sam Jacobson and his super-powered “Mars Gang”, but also to overcome the final, murderous plans of the “Klan of Jesus Christ” and of the CIA director!

Don’t miss this exciting conclusion to the saga of the “Guardian Angel” – Karéin-Mayréij – on the Earth of 2040!

And Introducing...

Epilogue #1 to The Angel Brings Fire and The Future Burns Bright Book : Bonnie's New Auntie
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Bonnie's New Auntie

An Epilogue to

The Future Burns Bright

Meet Bonnie Billings : a 16-year-old “C” student with “D” looks and an “E” future ahead of her, living in a “C” household in the Phoenix, Arizona of the 2040s.

A lot’s been happening “out there” lately, but neither Bonnie nor her family pay much attention; they’re too preoccupied with keeping up with the Joneses and – in Bonnie’s case – in surviving non-stop bullying from the “in-crowd” at her dreary, run-of-the mill, suburban high-school.

This evening, her father’s younger brother – one “Bob Billings” from Tucson – is coming over for dinner, after a prolonged, unexplained absence.

Uncle Bob’s bringing his whole clan, but Bonnie despises boring family get-togethers… and her uncle has a new trophy girlfriend, who’s everything that Bonnie had forlornly hoped to be, but came in “last in class” about. And what’s even worse (so she’s been told) is – adding insult to injury – this way-too-young-looking woman is now going to be Bonnie’s “Auntie”!

The Billings teenager hates Uncle Bob’s new “squeeze”, sight-unseen; but Bonnie’s new “Auntie” is unlike anyone who has ever set foot on Planet Earth… and Bonnie’s “C” lifestyle is in for a big change!

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Marcus B. Shields, on a sunny day!

About the Author

Having been an avid consumer (and part-time supplier) of science fiction and fantasy content is nothing new to Marcus Shields, who has been partaking thereof since he was old enough to read (modesty precludes the author from revealing exactly how long ago, that was).

Shields is responsible for a large number of creative works, including the Shakhan series of pen and paper fantasy role-playing games. And, of course, he's the author of the Angel Brings Fire, Future Burns Bright and Bonnie's New Auntie series of science fiction / modern fantasy / superhero novels.

Marcus Shields resides in beautiful Ontario Cottage Country, where he shares a comfortable home with his wife, daughter and the memory of a beloved but now departed, puppy dog.

If you want to comment about The Angel Brings Fire or just want to contact Marcus Shields, this is the e-mail link to use.

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